Operational SEPTA PCC Trolleys

Below is a list of "active" PCC's that are still on SEPTA rails.

The number of carcasses has diminished over the years with many sold to San Franciso's MUNI, New Orleans, Colorado Springs, and private collectors or museums.

There are about thirty (30) other PCC's at various SEPTA properties in various states of repair/disrepair. Included are items at Germantown, Midvale (where most excess cars and buses are now stored), and Elmwood.

Any changes or updates are appreciated. Please send them to Charles Anderson.

Number Comments Photos
2054 The only remaining "air car." Painted in the original PRT silver/blue. 1
2160 Modified for line maintenance and painted orange. -
2168 Chestnut Hill Trolley in PTC colors. 1
2181 Chestnut Hill Trolley. -
2182 SEPTA white with thin red/blue  stripe on front and side. 1
2187 Modified for line maintenance and painted orange. -
2194 Modified for line maintenance/tower car and painted orange. 1
2726 SEPTA white with red/blue. 1
2728 Painted silver/blue of PRT. 1 2 3
2732 Like Museum Car 2733, painted in PTC green/cream/tuscan with silver roof. 1
2750 Chestnut Hill Trolley. 1
2785 Chestnut Hill Trolley. 1 2 3
2799 Painted for Red Arrow. 1 2

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